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What does it mean?

We understand it can be difficult for parents with young children to afford dental care. Therefore, Dr. Rachel and Gregory PerentisLearn more about our dentists have teamed up with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.Opens a new window to the official website

This partnership means our offices accept MedicaidOpens a new window to the NCDHHS website dental insurance, so that vulnerable members of society can achieve better healthcare.

Plus, we adapt our approach to be:

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We serve and deliver the best quality care to all children.

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Team Driven

We work together to help your child benefit from exceptional dentistry.

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Our Greensboro and Durham dentistsExplore our difference strive to prevent future dental problems.

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Our team offers clear and understandable advice and education.


Giving you the help you need to care for your child's smile.
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The Medicaid program has helped millions of North Carolinians benefit from quality health services.

Children and low-income families can enjoy Medicaid assistanceOpens a new window to the main website to cover the costs of essential dental care. Here are some basic guidelines for parents:

  • All children covered by Medicaid must have access to care to maintain their dental health, relieve any pain or infections, and restore damaged teeth.
  • North Carolina is one of 17 states to offer “extensive” dental benefits, which covers the widest range of dental care including routine examinations, preventative services, basic and advanced tooth restoration, periodontal services, dental fitting and placement, and oral surgery.
  • Only dental care that is deemed “medically necessary” is covered.
  • NC does not place a limit on total amount of dental care one individual can receive on an annual basis.

Both Atlantis DentistryLearn more about Atlantis Dentistry and Carousel DentistryLearn more about Carousel Dentistry accept Medicaid, and have teams who are experienced in filing this offering on behalf of patients.

NC Health Choice

Helping children to smile more.

As our offices provide children’s dental servicesLearn more about our services, we are able to accept NC Health Choice in addition to Medicaid.

NC Health Choice is the state’s name for children’s’ health insurance and is for those families who make too much to benefit from Medicaid but may struggle to afford private care.

This provision makes it possible for more children to benefit from the comprehensive care available at both Atlantis Dentistry and Carousel Dentistry.

Learn more about Health Choice today!

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