Dr Rachel West Perentis
Dr Rachel West Perentis

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As a husband-and-wife duo, Dr. Rachel West Perentis and Dr. Gregory Joseph Perentis lead a reliable, family-oriented team you can trust to always have your child’s best interest in mind. Our dentists and team members bring dental care down to your child’s level through intuitive and engaging learning, making going to the dentist a fun experience for everyone we see.

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Dr Rachel West Perentis

Dentistry for Kids

Our treatments help children learn how to take care of their teeth and, when needed, provide that little extra care to help ensure your child’s smile stays healthy and strong.

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Two Offices, One Goal

Bringing smiles to every child we see.

Dr Rachel West Perentis

Welcome to Our Family

Every child we see, no matter their age, becomes a part of our dental family when you come to Atlantis Dentistry & Carousel Dentistry for their dental care. Placing their needs first is what we do, and we are thrilled to be your first choice for pediatric dental care.

Dr Rachel West Perentis

Let’s Have Some Fun

Going to the dentist does not have to be a harrowing experience. In fact, we make extra efforts to ensure your child not only feels comfortable with us but also loves visiting our office!

Dr Rachel West Perentis

Zero Anxiety Zone

Is your child feeling a little anxious? We understand. We are happy to work at their pace and even offer conscious sedation options if needed to help their visit go smoothly.

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