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Caring for Children of All Ages

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Hello and hola! Welcome to Atlantis DentistryLearn more about our office in Greenboro, NC and Carousel DentistryLearn more about our dental office in Durham, your home away from home in Greensboro and Durham, NC.

Led by Drs. Rachel and Greg PerentisLearn more about our dentists, our caring teams bring a unique brand of children’s dental care to those in our communities. Together, our dentists care for children, adolescents, teenagers, and patients with special needs.

With a family-oriented approach, our doctors provide a wide range of treatments, including:

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Our Gentle Yet Effective Treatments

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Our offices have been serving kids in Guilford County since 2001! We focus on preventative dentistry while bringing your family a whole host of gentle, modern children’s dental services. Check out what we offer!

Dr. Rachel Perentis with a young patient in the chair while providing one of our services

I like this dentist. They always inform the parents of the work being performed on their child and how to care for their health. The staff is very welcoming. I would recommend this dentist.

Lisa M. (Atlantis Patient)

Maintaining Little Smiles
Adapting to each child's individual needs as we help them journey to improved health.
  • Crowns & Bridges

    Occasionally, a dental disease or trauma may result in a damaged or missing tooth. When this happens, Drs. PerentisGet to know our dentists can offer kid-specific restorative dentistry.

    Kids Dental Crowns: When a tooth becomes severely damaged, a crown (tooth cap) can be placed to protect the tooth from further decay or damage. The crown is custom-made to your child’s needs and is gently bonded into place until the new adult tooth is ready to come through.

    Bridges (Pediatric Partials): When a child loses a tooth prematurely, it can result in further dental complications. Therefore, it is essential to replace the tooth with a pediatric partial (similar to a dental bridge) until the adult tooth erupts.



  • Metal-Free Fillings

    We want all kids and teens to be part of our cavity-free club! Therefore, our Durham and Greensboro, NC dentistsLearn more about our difference offer metal-free fillings for all ages. These fillings contain zero mercury and discreetly blend into your child’s smile.

    What’s more, the filling procedure is painless and restores the integrity of both primary and adult teeth.

    Please note: Cavities on primary teeth (although temporary) must be treated to preserve your child’s oral health.


  • Sealants

    Despite maintaining a regular hygiene routine, many children struggle to care for the teeth towards the back of their mouths (molars). The surfaces of these teeth contain pits and grooves, which can trap debris and cause plaque to build-up. If left untreated, this can lead to cavities and other dental issues.

    The good news is that Dr. Gregory and Rachel Perentis are here to help with a pediatric service called dental sealants. This transparent coating makes the surface of your child’s tooth smooth so it is easier to keep clean – thus reducing the risk of cavities!


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