Has your child had a front tooth knocked out before its time? Dr. Rachel West Perentis and Dr. Gregory Joseph Perentis are happy to provide custom pediatric partials in Greensboro and Durham, North Carolina, to help restore the appearance of your child’s smile.

What Is a Pediatric Partial?

A pediatric partial, also known as a Groper appliance, is a durable, semi-permanent oral appliance used to replace two to four front teeth in a child’s mouth. They are a type of space maintainer that is fitted into place to prevent tooth movement as the child grows and develops.

Why Get a Pediatric Partial for Your Child?

Like with space maintainers used for the back molars, pediatric partials help maintain the empty space left by missing teeth until the new, permanent adult teeth grow in. This helps reduce the need for orthodontic care or other alignment issues down the line. Additionally, pediatric partials are designed to look like the real thing, which can help your child’s self-esteem during the tender years of social development and restore the proper functionality of their speech.

If you would like to know more about pediatric partials, call Atlantis Dentistry & Carousel Dentistry and schedule a consultation with our dentists and team. We are happy to walk you through what you can expect with this treatment for your child.