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Why a Children's Dentist?

We're always by your child's side and letting them know: "You got this!"
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More Than 15 Years Experience
Drs. Perentis have been part of the North Carolina community since 2001 and have spent most of that time providing fun, efficient, and exceptional kids’ dentistry. Discover how your child can benefit from our first-class children's dental care.
Two children next to a teenager in front of our fish tank while visiting our dentist in Durham, NC
Kid-Approved Team
We are parents too! So we understand the trials and tribulations (and rewards!) of bringing kids and teens to the dental office. Our aim is to start any treatment the same-day and help prevent further issues. What's more, we use our personal experiences to make your visit easier, more enjoyable, and most of all, worthwhile.
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The Ideal Environment
Both our modern practices boast gentle, loving, and welcoming office environments. We have toys for our younger patients and TVs/movies for our older kids to help them relax. Our goal is to make dentistry fun and something positive in the eyes of your child.
One of our team holding a tooth model and smiling with a little girl
Consistency of Care
Although we have two offices with two teams, our dentists in Durham and Greensboro, NC serve at both practices. They spend time getting to know ALL our patients, which helps children enjoy consistency of care and feel part of our family.

I love Atlantis Dentistry. They have been taking wonderful care of my kid's dental health for more than three years now. They offer a great service, are very thorough, super-friendly, and provide a great place for kids.

Tiadra B. (Atlantis Patient)

Promoting Positivity & Inclusive Care

Giving your family the dentistry they need in Greensboro and Durham, NC.

Childrens' Services

We offer a range of kid’s dental treatments, including:

Special Needs Patients

At both Atlantis DentistryLearn more about our office and Carousel DentistryLearn more about our Durham office, we care for a variety of young people and always treat them with the utmost respect. We care for:

  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Teens
  • Patients with special needs
Clear Communication

Dr. Rachel and Greg PerentisLearn more about our dentists use a “Tell. Show. Do.” approach when caring for younger patients. This helps kids to understand:

  • What we are going to do
  • Why we are going to do it
  • How we will do it

This approach has proven to calm the nerves of our most fearful child patients and helps put parents at ease too.

DHHS & Medicaid

In the past, many have avoided dentistry because of affordability. At our offices, we are determined to help as many children as possible throughout their oral development.

Therefore, our dental practices accept DHHS and Medicaid.

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